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#LCFClassOf2020: RENEWAL

Pixelated face
Pixelated face
Class of 2020 Renewal
Written by
J Tilley
Published date
24 July 2020

"Communicating across various media and forms of practice, students presenting their graduate projects this week share a desire to use their work as a catalyst for change. Curated under the theme of Renewal, the selection features projects that challenge the status quo, critique the construct of the fashion industry and propose new solutions. Topics explored by graduating students include our consumption practices, our relationship to nature and female representation among others." Aleksandra Szymanksa - Creative Director for School of Media and Communication.

Emi Tanimura BA Fashion Design and Development

This collection, entitled Survivalist, explores ultra-functional and adaptable outdoor-wear. Consisting of predominantly transformable garments, my designs aim to provide wearers versatility, comfort, and relief in challenging, changing environments. One garment includes a jacket that can transform into a backpack when the wearer gets too hot, providing them with comfort and extra storage. ⁠⠀

Two years ago I became estranged from my parents, and was made homeless. I remember feeling a deep severity in a totally uncertain situation, which became the core inspiration in designing garments that could quickly adapt in new conditions. I created two types of garments in my final graduate collection; ones that are specifically designed for homeless people and ones that are for everyday people. My work aims to change the perception of functional stylish fashion, into a vehicle that can positively impact lives.'⁠⠀

Ella Moore from BA Fashion Imaging and Illustration

These are inspired by the effect coronavirus has had on British rave culture, reflecting on the state of the UK live music scene during the pandemic. Unfortunately, this has led to postponed and cancelled events. These posters aim to communicate to ravers that raving is truly a state of mind and can be done during lockdown. They also support the #SaveOurScene campaign, launched by music platform Resident Advisor (the creators of the virtual Club Quarantäne!). By use of culture jamming, popular figures or spins have been put on British associations, such as Jeremy Kyle, Gemma Collins and even horse racing. Illustrating these ‘icons’ give the flyers humour and character.


Juliet Dodson from BA Costume Design for Performance

‘Metamorphosis’ is the title of my performance exploring humans tenuous relationship with nature and the cycle of life. It is a collaboration with award winning dance company E14. ⁠The costume explodes like a dandelion and blooms like a flower. It captures the three stages of metamorphosis into a singular costume which pollinates and opens to reveal layers underneath. My aim is to confront an audience with nature’s complex ability to transform. The body becomes a motor to activate the costume to extend and distort, this disturbs our association with the often fixed form of character. ⁠⠀

Yi Tian from BA Fashion Styling and Production

'In this project, I want to show female charm through a female perspective, and at the same time study the evolution of female characters in the visual age. 3D effects are an important element that reflects the sense of the future. In my works, I put the characters in soft and rich scenes with different colours to express the beautiful longing and unlimited imagination of the future women.⁠⠀
The design concept of SFX makeup is to combine elements of nature, such as flowers and leaves with imperfections in appearance, such as acne and scar. Through this makeup I want to express the idea that although our external appearances are not perfect, they are also a part of nature. They are as worthy of sunshine as flowers and leaves, and they are worth being treated positively.'⁠⠀

Seo Kim BA Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear

My collection aims to explore the balance of femininity and relaxed sensibility. The collection idea started with memories of my childhood. Taking inspiration from women who go to the bathhouse dressed in sporty and comfortable clothes with plastic baskets. In the bathhouse women are barely there, and they show silhouettes of feminine curves. And there, women wipe their bodies dynamically and carefully, and they look very comfortable and beautiful. For this collection, I want to design clothes for woman who embraces both her feminine and active self, portraying a juxtaposition of sensuality and sportiness. ⁠⠀

Leisha Parlour from BA Bespoke Tailoring⁠⠀

My video is inspired by the bespoke tailoring process conceptualised as a performance. Being able to showcase my work-in-progress, as well as up close details so that the client can experience a virtual progression of their piece.
It was important to cover my face and body in order for the client to imagine herself in her bespoke look. Re-working the piece whilst wearing it is my representation of the tailor at work during the fitting stages, striving to achieve the ultimate bespoke fit. The garment itself was inspired by the client and utilises one of the clients kimono’s which was up-cycled and relived through her bespoke outfit in the lining.

Tushar Rajan Sharma MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production

TOMORROW is a provocative take on the current global climate crisis. The interactive film installation puts the viewer in an awkward situation. Amongst calm lights and beautiful haze, the film attracts the viewer to come near and admire the panoramic scenery. Our planet could have been this wonderful. But we all crossed the line. And in a jiffy, the film switches from a beautiful dreamy landscape to a dystopian future which is daunting and scary. The aesthetics of the film reflect traditional painting techniques mixed with emerging futuristic trends. The installation is an impactful visual treat sharing a frightening message to generate strong emotions within the viewer. ⁠

Jessie Zixi Han BA Fashion Jewellery

From the old times to today, with clothing, high-rises, technology and more, we human would seem to be animal kingdom outsides, existing outsides. It proves that human always attempt to make difference between animals and themselves although theoretically human should belong to animal. However, there are so many examples show that human still keep the natural behaviours as animals nowadays in a normal family like laziness, greed, parasitism, and cowardice still present in society to a certain extent. I’m discussing the similar representation between human and animals. These collection of jewellery will as reminders, correctors and suggestions to people who needs to awaken the consciousness or who want to control the natural behaviours.'⁠

Rubie Striker MA Fashion, Film and Digital Production

As an exploration of the complex interplay between humanity, fashion and technology, this meditative time-lapse short attends to paint a metaphorical landscape of the ebb and flow of the construct of fashion by documenting its lifespan as a carrier of messages. Here, fashion media provided a platform to create a symbolic representation that critiques the construct of fashion in order to help rethink the limits of materiality within consumption practices and its existing cycle. You can view the film alongside a digital edition of the book on her website.

⁠Li Chi Liu from BA Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

Vera Lee BA Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear