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Pixelated hand
Pixelated hand
LCF Class of 2020 Connection
Written by
J Tilley
Published date
17 July 2020

“Connection. Now, more than ever, we are missing, protecting and discovering connections within our immediate physical world and the digital realm. Through this challenging period we have re-connected with ourselves, who we are and what we do. Students have been immersed in a new world of isolation creation where they must connect with new ways of learning and designing, and to their benefit. The works they are creating have expanded their visual vocabulary through growing multi approaches to their practice and how they connect their work with us.

Will we reconnect with the old world? Well maybe the next generations new methodologies and outputs can answer that question. In the process of connecting with their work we can expand our capacity for wonderment and our collective vision of the future” - Robert Phillips - Creative Director for School of Design and Technology

Maranta - Mert Celebi BA Fashion Design Technology: Menswear with collaborative partner for final collection, Hattie Davis BA Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

A collaboration between BA (Hons) Menswear and BA Embroidery students. Depicting a post-apocalyptic utopian world where nature has taken over and humans are looking for a way to survive, Maranta focuses towards the 'Modern Gardener' in a Metropolitan City. The embroidery in this collection mimics the growth of nature, using digital and hand techniques to create boldness and subtleties in the pieces. Using traditional stop-motion film making techniques to create a feeling of nostalgia, the voyager leaving and entering a new era. within this new era discovering a new planet and growing his own plants and making this new environment “home”.⁠

FUTURE JOY - Ella Yuill BA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism

Future Joy is a speculative film questioning the relationships between humans, artificial intelligence and the future of branding. Centred around the re-finding of a lost joy, this film explores the ability of AI to build emotive relationships with humans through its systems, working around it’s static limitations. Picking up on power plays between human and machines, FUTURE JOY exploits differences and uncovers similarities; with the need for emotional connections at its heart. ⁠

RAUZ - Malgorzata Mazanek BA Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Innovation

RAUZ comes from the word 'arouse', which means to excite or to be awoken. We are an electrifying mid luxury brand that makes bold aesthetic a daily wear. The brand counters the market of non-accessible luxury through offering sumptuous footwear at the entry to mid designer price level. Our team strongly believe that luxury is not a price point, but a set of values. ⁠⠀

Ingrown - Melissa Schwarz BA Fashion Styling and Production

This VR experience explores the hypothesis what it would look like if we could just upload unwanted emotions into a computer, which then deals with them instead of us, visualising them. I used Tilt, Brush, Blender and Photogrammetry to make it. Using a soundtrack by Rebecca Phillips.

Soup - Nadine Nella Gan BA Creative Direction for Fashion

Soup is a digital platform designed to provide an interactive community-building meme experience. This app will allow Gen Z to connect with brands and organisations with the freedom they have always craved. You can find out more on her website.⁠⠀

Gin - Gin Yuan BA Fashion Jewellery

To bring people back to real life, the development of technology has greatly reduced the opportunities for people to communicate face to face, so that people will not communicate even if they sit together, which has a very serious impact on us. Therefore, this series promotes people's communication through different aspects, such as the choice of material sugar, and the way many people wear it. Encourage people to get to know each other up close, especially at the dinner table, where people are forced to communicate to some extent. ⁠⠀

Fabio Rovai BA Fashion Photography

This project uses artificial intelligence to create synthetic images, collaborating with the algorithm to generate a distorted version of our reality and challenging the current fashion representation.It uses GANs technology to melt tighter what we perceive to what the algorithm perceives, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Also, It has been an attempt to create more sustainable images, without the need of a photographer or models.⁠⠀

Pink Couch Podcast - Daisy Haywood BA Fashion Journalism

Pink Couch Podcast is a multi-media, Fashion and Beauty platform, aiming to inspire the next generation of creative practitioners. Providing our podcast listeners with career advice from admirable professionals and an insight into their journey to industry. You’ll also find a plethora of written works, supplying you with exciting Fashion & Beauty related content. And, our gallery that proudly showcases the works of emerging talent. As we believe this to be an important contributor in building community, inspiring others and imprinting our DNA. ⁠

Nancy Flaherty BA Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

The idea of the video is to not only to capture the exhibition I built in my living room to replicate what I would have done if there wasn’t a global pandemic but also the message of my art. The layered imagery confuses the watcher and doesn’t allow the eye or mind to comfortably settle, an erratic and relentless commentary on the onslaught of media outlets in the modern world, the footage, music and choreography are intended to make the viewer feel somewhat uncomfortable and extremely overwhelmed. The same way most of us often feel when faced with the bombardment of information modern technology gives us access too today but I feel it is particularly poignant in the current climate, confusion is the new normal. ⁠

Nanushak Campaign Proposal - Karolina Jarosz BA Fashion PR and Communications⁠⠀⁠

The project introduces my take on the PR & Communication strategy for a Hungarian womenswear label, Nanushka. This Campaign Proposal shows my yearly strategy for the brand. I have included a physical realisation of one tactic explored in the campaign - in my case it was a coffee table/photography book inspired by key values and themes important to my brand, as well as a presentation on it and the process behind it. Due to the pandemic the outcome is presented digitally, however I will aim to finalise it in print for further use. Overall, I have chosen to showcase this project as inclusive of various areas I was excited to explore - PR, photography and graphic design. ⁠

Crypt Agency - Lydia Jones-Parry BA Creative Direction for Fashion

Crypt Agency represents the next generation of creatives. We bring protectionist measures to the forefront in order to safeguard the originality of their work. Crypt provides young⁠ creatives with better resources to protect their intellectual property and a safer space to show their work, which includes block-chain technology to maintain the integrity of their work, an in-house legal team attached to the agency, amongst other protectionist measures and educational resources.

No Signal - Hiu Ching Lo BA Fashion Styling and Production and Linyi Zhang BA Fashion Photography

'By collaborating with YOHKAEN, we created a project about how the digital world controls humans in todays life. Through extending her design ideas on “fake colours”, I bring a new vibe of “NO SIGNAL” from TVs into her design and created a story of a human escaping from the internet as well, to give the audience a string idea of what humans are facing.  ⁠

The Contorted Flame - Soyoung Park BA Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

Through my main collection ‘The Contorted Frame’, I wanted to explore the creation of distorted shapes as inspired by the transformation of ageing skin, which reflects the trials and tribulations of an individual’s life. I observed the movement of the silhouette and applied on a various types of body figures to see how it evolves its coexistence with the person’s journey.'⁠