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LCF19: BA Fashion Jewellery Class of 2019


Written by
Jesse T. and Alexandra R.
Published date
17 July 2019

After kicking off #LCF19 graduate season with the School of Media and Communication exhibition, it's now time to put the focus on our next show. Graduates from School of Design and Technology have come together to prepare the biggest show we've ever had, with catwalks, exhibitons and workshops to showcase their final collections. In the lead up to this event, we've been catching up with the students to hear more about their projects and what they're most excited about starting their professional careers in the fashion industry.

They will showcase their creations at Here East on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 July 2019. You can see the show via our live stream on the website and keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter feeds for updates.

A preview of the LCF19 BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery collections below…

Iris Vilu - @irisvilu

'Jungle Is Not Massive' / 'JNGLSNTMSSV' is a protest against the violent oil mining in the Amazonian rainforests. With my final project, my aim was to explore activism and protest in fashion jewellery. Additionally, I’ve created this collection as sustainably as possible, by creating very little waste and using upcycled and recycled.

Credits - Photography: ⁣Iris Vilu; Model: Claudia Lepik

What I find most exciting about the fashion industry is seeing how many brands and designers are taking steps towards a more sustainable future. In the past couple of years, it has become clear that sustainability is not just a trend but something we all need to apply in all fields of life.

Credits - Photography: ⁣Iris Vilu; Model: Claudia Lepik

I believe that the two most valuable things that LCF has given me are: good connections and the courage to pursue what I believe in. Thanks to the support of all the amazing tutors and technicians, I do genuinely feel that I have a solid foundation to carry on as a designer outside of the university.

Credits - Photography: ⁣Iris Vilu

Shuqi Liang - @sukiii.ll

For my final collection, titled 'Effusive Treasure', I’ve used my hoarding tendency as a theme to project the habit of people keeping objects. Following the idea that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, I’m transforming everyday objects to become desirable wearable jewellery.

Credits - Photography: Jay Cheng; Model: Demi Liu; Assistants: Cedar Wong and David Shen

I believe the future of the fashion industry will be dominated by cutting-edge technology that will allow us to be more creative in all possible ways, combined with the traditional craftsmanship. Also, thanks to an increase in sustainable practices, designers will be able to develop more products with sustainable materials and reduce industry waste.

Credits - Photography: Jay Cheng; Model: Demi Liu; Assistants: Cedar Wong and David Shen

LCF has offered me a great platform and opportunities to work with different people, which has allowed me to expand my practical knowledge further. During my time here I've learned how to generate and combine ideas from different people and create something new.