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LCF Press Office's top 10 fashion articles this week

Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
Multiple magazines layed out in collage form
Week In Fashion Banner Mags
Written by
J Tilley and K Hutchinson
Published date
30 March 2020

Have you spent the past week scouring through social media in search of something new? Media Relations Officer at LCF, Kanem Hutchinson, has unveiled her current top 10 favourite fashion articles you should be catching on to. From motivational articles to binge-worthy Youtube videos, there will be something here for everyone. Take it away, Kanem...


From UAL's Molly Goddard to i-D's Terry Jones, Show Studio's 'In Fashion' interview series gets candid with some of the industry's biggest stars. Ranging from 15 minutes to an hour these interviews discuss everything from upbringing to career highlights.

Creative Boom

Online magazine Creative Boom has been championing creativity since its launch in 2009, sharing industry tips and features across a range of disciplines including illustration, film and photography. Bookmark this one to keep up to date with projects from up and coming artists.

Vogue Italia

Weighing in on how Covid-19 is forcing the fashion industry to re-evaluate its future, Vogue Italia's deputy editor Sara Maino suggests now is the time to make a change in this recent interview with Vogue.

"There’s obviously going to be a slowdown, a physical slowdown, because here most places are closed and few are producing. I think—I hope—that big brands realize that so much production isn’t necessary at all. On the other side, we as customers need to be aware of how we consume, and the brands and the media need to make people aware where you can buy more responsibly and how you can shop in a much smarter way." - Sara Maino.


Schon!'s online editorials are a great source of inspiration across styling, creative direction and fashion photography. Showcasing a diverse range of styles and talent, the title also welcomes creatives to get in touch and contribute.


With sustainability at the heart of their content, Eco-Age's range of insightful features across areas such as fashion, social justice and wellbeing are accessible, relevant and from experts you can trust. It's also worth familiarising yourself with the site's contributors which include writers Clare Press, Aja Barber and artist Wilson Oryema.

The Face

If you're stuck on what to tune into whilst at home, The Face's series of weekly curated playlists is a good place to start. Including a range of styles, it saves the trouble of scouring the net for new gems.

Dazed Beauty

The future of beauty comes in the form of website Dazed Beauty. Celebrating creativity and self-expression, their content is a must-read for those that love experimentation and unconventional aesthetics. You may find this feature on how to sleep when you’re anxious particularly useful; previous stories have also featured LCF's Bea Sweet and Tin Gao.

Another Mag

For recommendations and round-ups, look no further than Another Magazine's 'Another List'. Featuring edits on the best moments in fashion to suggestions on What to Read During a Pandemic.

Ones to follow…