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LCF Insights: Spring School 2017


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27 April 2017

Last month, the Outreach team at LCF welcomed over a hundred students to their UAL Insights Spring Schools at Lime Grove.  The week was a chance to explore different fields within the fashion industry through a series of rotational workshops.

This year LCF collaborated with the Outreach team at our sister college Central Saint Martins, with tutors and outreach ambassadors teaching the workshops – a great chance for the students to get a real sense of the different approaches our colleges take to teaching fashion subjects. Students were given four points of inspiration for the week – three images and the keyword of camouflage to get them started with ideas.

Fashion image workshop: LCF tutors Justine Josephs, Elle Sillinpaa and Kalina Pulit introduced students to the world of Fashion Styling, Photography, Make-up and Creative Direction. With outreach ambassadors Danika Lawrence, Sophie Knight and Grace Briscoe on board it was an action packed day of teamwork. A morning of masterclasses led to students working in groups to style a look for a photoshoot and introduce the ideas behind their work through moodboards and vlogs.

Fashion Image workshop

Fashion Image workshop

Fashion Technical workshop: LCF tutors Josh Masih and Winston Rose and outreach ambassadors Rebecca George and Eva Samuel took students through the basics of tailoring. Students got to grips with creating applied and inset pockets- no mean feat for a day’s work!

Fashion Techniical workshop

Fashion Techniical workshop

Fashion Drawing: CSM tutor Alexis Panayiotou worked with CSM outreach ambassador Dom Akhavanmoossavi to introduce a series of drawing techniques that helped students find their own way of working with different mediums and experiment with their own personal style.

Fashion Drawing workshop

Fashion Drape: CSM tutor Petra Metzger worked with CSM outreach ambassadors Tom Harvey, Joy Nehar and Piero D’Angelo to introduce students to a range of draping techniques, working from basic materials like calico. The final challenge was to demonstrate their design ideas through collage pieces.

Draping workshop

Draping workshop

Fashion Knit: LCF tutor Eleanor Warrington and CSM tutor Berni Yates and outreach ambassadors from CSM and LCF Maria Cuji, Amira Sari and Ben Sumpter, worked together to give students the full fashion knit experience. Once students got to grips with the basics of knitting on a machine, they referred back to the three inspirational images and developed ideas based on what they connected to within the image- be that colour, texture, pattern or materials.

Knit workshop

LCF Spring Schools are part of a family of UAL Insights Spring Schools run by the Outreach team for students aged 16 and over. They give students the freedom to explore different approaches to art, design, fashion, media and communication and decide which areas they’d like to specialise in during our Summer Schools.