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LCF Class of 2022: Salon show highlights

Models wearing lingerie
  • Written byJ Tilley
  • Published date 05 August 2022
Models wearing lingerie
LCF Class of 2022 - BA (Hons) Fashion Contour salon show. Photography by Ana Blumenkron.

LCF Class of 2022 celebrated our world-class undergraduate students from across our portfolio of courses, spotlighting work from our business, design and media schools, including fashion, accessories, fashion film, fashion photography, VR experiences and more. The Summer Showcase allowed audiences to view an array of work in person at a 4 day exhibition at east London's Truman Brewery. An exclusive catwalk show launched the opening of the showcase, followed by salon shows, awards ceremonies and more. To continue the celebrations, viewers can browse work from this year's graduating cohort on the UAL Graduate Showcase. We're recapping on the events at Truman Brewery, highlighting the poignant moments from the BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring and BA (Hons) Fashion Contour salon shows.

BA (Hons) Fashion Contour Salon Show

At the end of the BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring salon show, winners of the Scabal X LCF 2022 Final Year Awards were announced. The award for 'Tailoring Excellence' was awarded to Hanqi Hu and the award for 'Bespoke Innovation' was awarded to Yujin Kim. They were awarded based on their outcomes of a final major project, with both graduates were awarded £1,500 and £500 Cloth Vouchers from Scabal, as part of a longstanding collaboration which will continue into the future.

Scabal awards on presentation screen
LCF Class of 2022 - BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring x Scabal awards. Photography by Ana Blumenkron.
Student reacting to awards
LCF Class of 2022 - BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring x Scabal awards. Photography by Ana Blumenkron.

BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring Salon Show