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LCF 2015 Highlights: Inside the Industry


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28 December 2015

Over the past year LCF has hosted a number of events featuring high profile industry professionals, as part of the Inside the Industry series. From business to makeup, all of our industry speakers offer LCF audiences a deeper insight into the fashion industry.

Here are our some of the 2015 highlights:

Inside the Industry: Lisa Eldridge

Inside the Industry with Lisa Eldridge. Photography: Hanna Puskarz.

“Be aware of your industry and be sure on which aspect of makeup you want to work in, so you can then seek out the right people on your level to collaborate with. Don’t wait for it to come to you.” – October 2015, makeup guru Lisa Eldridge joined Daily Telegraph Feature Writer Hannah Betts to discuss the launch of her new book Face Paint.

“There are so many walks of life where people are just doing the same thing as always. Fashion, for all its sins, won’t put up with that. It changes as often as the seasons.” – March 2015, Simon Ward, Chief Operating Officer of the BFC.

‘From her earliest days in the fashion industry, Shepherdson has been known for taking risks and having her finger on the pulse of what’s cool.’ – Professor Frances Corner OBE, Head of London College of Fashion on Whistles Chief Executive Jane Shepherdson.