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Guest Post: LCF BA17 Lime Grove and Mare Street exhibitions review

Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
15 July 2017

LCF BA17 welcomed another wealth of talent and creativity this year from Cordwainers Footwear to Womenswear to Creative Direction, showcasing their work at our degree show and exhibitions spread across London. The shows attracted an international audience via a live stream and thousands through footfall at our exhibitions. We asked attendee Zak Chaudhry, a Secondary School student from Shepherd’s Bush, to review our exhibitions last week for LCF News.

LCF BA17 Mare Street and Lime Grove exhibitions.

LCF BA17 Mare Street and Lime Grove exhibitions.

Words by Zak Chaudhry 

The rustic green tiles of the staircase, enclosed fireplaces and flourishing gardens are some of the features that give Lime Grove and Mare Street its unique charm. Both buildings have a real sense of character and I’ve been looking forward to seeing this year’s exhibition and meeting some of the graduates.

The first person I spoke to was Yueqi Li, who graduated from Fashion Design Technology Menswear. Her work is based on the perception of what it is to be ugly. She believes no one has the right to label what is ugly, as everything can be beautiful to someone. She created a dress which was a mesh of material to look like a rotting apple when it starts to deteriorate from the outside (image on the left below). Yueqi wanted her dress to look like a decayed apple. Her work was one of my highlights from the Mare Street.

Other items that caught my attention were the colourful tops, bomber and varsity jackets at the exhibition. The top (above on the right) was my favourite. There was also a collection of three belts which I thought were wonderful. The belts don’t have buttons for the buckle to be placed in, however, it is closed by the screws that are magnetic. The straps are extendable and able to be made smaller which I think is very unique – this is the first time I’ve seen such a design.

LCF BA17 Mare Street and Lime Grove exhibitions.

LCF BA17 Mare Street and Lime Grove exhibitions.

Lime Grove

What I liked about the Lime Grove was the fact that it was an exploration of different textiles and using everyday objects like jeans and shirts to represent them. This was one of the unique things that made this exhibition completely different to the rest and in a sense made it more intriguing. The piece I liked the most was a pair of jeans that had an angel embodied in its design. It felt like a piece of religious representation, and one which shows that there is a way to show yourself through your clothes – that was my interpretation. Another piece I really liked was by Brazilian BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery graduate Carmen Manzano.

I was also really impressed with the Fashion Media pieces on display, especially the editorial ones, some of which required 60 hours of computing to design digitally.

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