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Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Photography student Harun Güler

Teenage Angst by Harun Güler
Teenage Angst by Harun Güler
Teenage Angst by Harun Güler
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19 January 2016

As LCFMA16 Exhibition draws closer, LCF News will be focusing on MA Fashion Photography students and reflecting back on their postgraduate experiences. MA Fashion Photography asks students to develop personal, professional and collaborative initiatives through photography projects. The course explores fashion photography but with the practices of fine art, popular culture and mass media. First up is Harun Güler, find out how he developed his photography style and what his future plans are in the interview below.

What did you study before your current MA and why did you choose LCF?

I used to work in TV and commercial related business as a Creative Producer and Video Editor for many years. I wanted to study a photography course in which I would be able to focus specifically on fashion photography as well as being able to make film – MA Fashion Photography was ideal for this.

Tell us a little bit about your final project and dissertation

My final project turned out to be slow motion video pieces including a two channel installation and two moving image works. My approach was to deconstruct masculinities through everyday activities, I shot this project across several cities in Turkey over the course of one and a half months.

Teenage Angst by Harun Güler

Teenage Angst by Harun Güler

What do you like most about your course, and what have you found most challenging?

I really liked the artistic approach that our course leader Paul Bevan took during the course and the freedom we had as students.

What would be your top three tips for prospective students?

Think big and do not compromise!

Collaborate with your fellow students as much as you can.

Make use of the countless facilities in the UAL network.

What is your plan for after you finish your MA?

I would like to focus more on video art. I want to emphasis on dissolving the boundaries between photo and video, fiction and documentary, and finally masculinity and femininity.