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Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear graduate Yixin Zhang

LCFMA18MWYixinZhang copy
LCFMA18MWYixinZhang copy
Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear graduate Yixin Zhang
Written by
Josh De Souza Crook
Published date
02 January 2018

Meet Yixin Zhang, our next MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear designer who will be showcasing her collection at LCFMA18 Menswear Catwalk Show on 5 January 2018. Yixin has created a distinctive look that is easily identifiable with wooden bowler hats and a radiant colour palette that explores the life and habits of hoarders and their objects. The collection and approach is a new and refreshing manner to fashion a final project, and the result is a radiant and attention-grabbing offering of the unique life of hoarders. We find out more about her design process, what made her move continents to London, and where she sees her future. Tune into the MA18 Menswear live stream at 10.30am on 5 January. 

Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear graduate Yixin Zhang.

Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear graduate Yixin Zhang.

Tell us about your final project…

My whole collection looks very cured – the colour I chose also makes people feel pleasant. I focused on researching the behaviour habits of compulsive hoarders and the relationship between hoarding and their objects for my design. Through exploring compulsive hoarding behavioural habits, I have used my research to influence my menswear pattern cutting and garment colours. I made my design by using the subconsciousness of a hoarder and varies different methods. I created personal pattern blocks constructed with intercross structure and showed it through colour. I used mohair fabrics to show the colour and texture, finding this technique incredibly useful to my design. I also created accessories for the collection. Here I focused on using wooden material in fashion design, exploring the potential of diversity through material.

What would be your top tips for new students…

Following your heart, inspiring your potential.

Don’t be afraid to use materials and colours, different materials can always give you an outcome unexpectedly.

You can do more than you imagine.

What made you chose LCF and London…

I was shown online work from London College of Fashion alumni while I was at college and was really impressed with the high-quality of the work. I really wanted my work to be at that standard. That’s why I chose to apply to LCF, I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience. London is a very diverse city, intertwined with tradition and modernity, with a long history and vibrant modern atmosphere. People can find all kinds of different styles in here. And London also is a very inclusive city – it is suitable for people to express themselves freely. There are also so many amazing exhibitions and fabric shops to help students with ideas and inspiration.

What were the highlights and biggest challenges of your course…

Gaining a deep understanding between menswear and womenswear has been a huge highlight. Menswear requires higher technical skills. I thought it was very interesting to learn the technical tailoring skills. I’m fascinated by these technology and pattern-cutting. I design a lot during this part of the course.

For me the biggest challenge is to transform the ideas and designs into real garments. During this process, we must consider carefully the factors of technology, markets, material and pattern those elements. At the main time, is important to keep the balance between detail and whole collection.

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What song or album are you currently listening to?

 Normally, I will chose a music video on my phone and then shuffle my music playlist.  But when I am doing my own stuff, I prefer working surrounded by music. I think music lets me concentrate on my work.

Have you been in a work placement or internship…

During college I assisted my teacher a lot with uniform design. We would design uniforms for hotels, bank staff and design restureant uniform. Since moving to London, I helped with some design elements are new brands and learnt a lot during this time. They were all very valuable experiences.

My biggest inspirations and muses are…

I do not have a specific object as my muse and most of my inspirations come from my daily life.

What are your plans for life after your MA…

First I will probably go travelling for a while and then look for a job to achieve more experience and a deeper understanding of the fashion market.  It’s all about balancing marketing and innovative design.

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