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Graduate Spotlight 2015: Na Liu

Na Liu
Na Liu

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07 January 2015

MA Menswear graduate Na Liu is next up for our graduate spotlight series.  Na advises future MA student to know what you want and never give up.

To see Na’s and the other 11 students involved’s collections tune in to the MA Menswear Catwalk livestream at 11am GMT on Friday 9th January.

Na Liu

Image from MA Menswear graduate Na Liu’s final collection. Photographer: Felix Cooper, Styling: Jeanie Annan Lewin

LCF News: Tell us about your final collection?

My final collection explored the subject of ‘Design narratives- emotionally respective and anecdotal provenance to the senses’ and I did this by using the Greek mythology, Orpheus and Eurydice. It referenced Pina Bausch’s 1975 modern dance version, and I translated it into fashion language. The whole collection was divided into four scenes, ‘The mourning’, ‘Violence’, ‘Peace’ and ‘The Death’. Beyond the mythological tale itself, my collection evokes the despair, grief and fragility of the human condition.The whole collection was created according to the development of the narrative’s emotional sequence. The 10 looks were finally connected together to form a complete emotional experience.

I explored many other senses in this collection besides vision, such as sense of touch. The collection contains many details, such as the fabric selection, frozen flowers, etc., all of which require closer contact and experience.

LCF News: Where did you study prior to your MA at LCF?

I did a BA in China and then I came to London. After finishing the graduate diploma course at LCF, I chose to stay on to study my MA.

LCF News: What are your future plans?

I hope that I can stay here and find a suitable team so that I can work together with like-minded designers.

LCF News: How do you think the course will help you to realise these plans?

Students make the most of the course by utilising time on their own and the college provides a lot of equipment and resources. The environment in London also offers a lot of opportunities. As long as you know what you want, have your own plans, and never give up, you will finally realise them.

LCF News: What advice would you give to anyone considering studying an MA at LCF?

It is definitely a wise choice to study at LCF. Our tutor helped each of us discover our potential and he guided us to find the characteristics of our personality. Most importantly, he seriously respects students’ individual choices. Studying an MA is a journey of in-depth and mature self-seeking and self-exploration. My advice is to think clearly about what you want before starting this journey.