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Class of 2015: Cosmetic Science goes behind beauty

Ravneet Pas BSc Cosmetic Science
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22 May 2015

We’re talking cosmetic science for our next Class of 2015 blog post.

Adriana Au Yeong Mei Rong and Ravneet Panesar are two students with some serious technical knowledge and a passion for beauty, about to graduate from BSc Cosmetic Science and go onto the full MSc in Cosmetic Science.

They let us into the lab…

Ravneet Pas BSc Cosmetic Science

Ravneet Panesar testing hair conditioning ingredients in the lab, BSc Cosmetic Science.

LCF News: What is your course all about?

Adriana Au Yeong Mei Rong: The best thing about Cosmetic Science is that we are able to develop expertise and technical knowledge in the formulation of a range of beauty products.

We also learn about the other aspects related to cosmetics such as marketing, production, supply chain management and the regulatory aspects of the sale of beauty products.

Ravneet Panesar: I love that the course gives me the opportunity and freedom to formulate my own products and test the efficacy of them using methods I’ve created. It is really relevant and gives graduates an understanding of the way the industry operates and the challenges it faces.

LCF News: What have you come up with for your final BSc projects then?

AAYMR: My final project is about skin cream. It all started with the curiosity that I had for the oxygen molecule because oxygen is essential to the life of aerobic organisms. Since there are skin care creams on the market claiming that oxygenation revitalises the skin and help reduce wrinkles, my final project is to investigate the effectiveness of oxygen due to its ability to generate free radicals which can induce oxidative stress such as aging.


Adriana Au Yeong Mei Rong investigates skin creams, BSc Cosmetic Science

RP: And mine is about hair care. I compared the effects of three conditioning ingredients on improving hair manageability. I formulated shampoos and conditioners containing these ingredients and tested them using human hair tresses.

LCF News: And what inspires you about what you do?

AAYMR: Beauty inspires me. It is a self-possessed feel-good factor that a person can have. Scientific studies demonstrate that psychologically, if one feels good about themselves, they can perform better in their work and give a better account of themselves. My muse is Michelle Phan, a famous entrepreneur in the beauty industry who began her career as a self-styled make-up guru on YouTube but later on Lancome made her as their official video make-up artist. The French luxury brand, L’oreal also launched a new make-up line ‘EM Cosmetic’ featuring Michelle. Her insights into beauty are captivating and she possesses a unique style that radiates a calm, confident and elegant outlook.

RP: Anything and everything! I particularly love walking through beauty halls and searching through all the skincare and beauty products.

LCF News: We hear you’ve both had some pretty exciting work placements as part of your course?

AAYMR: Yes, I was the first Burberry beauty regulatory intern! And I also worked at Swallowfield Plc, a cosmetic manufacturing company.

RP: During my third year, I was lucky enough to work as a press assistant at the amazing beauty PR agency ‘Beauty Seen’. I really appreciated the knowledge I gained learning about another side of the beauty industry. Before Beauty Seen, I never understood everything it took for products to get recognition in publications. From Vogue to beauty blogs, product coverage is what makes the consumer want to buy a product. Without this demand, factories wouldn’t have any product to make in the first place.

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Ravneet Panesar testing hair conditioning products, BSc Cosmetic Science