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Class of 2014: Vidhi Chandiramani

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21 June 2014
Image from BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery student Vidhi Chandiramani's final collection

Image from BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery student Vidhi Chandiramani’s final collection

Our BA Design Exhibition runs until Sunday 22nd June. This is your chance to see the wealth of design talent coming out of LCF.  As part of our Class of 2014 series we are featuring students whose work is on display at the exhibition. Here BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery student Vidhi Chandiramani about her experiences.

LCF: What have you enjoyed most about studying at LCF?
Vidhi Chandiramani: The experience. To be in an environment with incredibly creative individuals, with countless opportunities was invaluable.

LCF: Have you been in the media / undertaken work experience?
VC: I interned at Erickson Beamon/VICKISARGE, which was highly beneficial. In June 2014 took part in the Ten Stores Challenge selling my pieces as part of the charity event and in 2013 my work featured at Darkroom during National Jewellery Week.

LCF: What inspires you?
VC: The need to be different. Studying at fashion school is challenging and there is always a fear of following as opposed to innovating and creating. The constant strive to create a collection that is new and contemporary keeps me going.

LCF: What is most important to you about fashion?
VC: The diversity. An ever-changing industry inspires designers to thrive for originality.

LCF: How would you sum up your graduate collection?
VC: Juxtapose is a collection of handcrafted necklaces made from lampwork glass beads. The vibrant tones of Etorre Sottsass’ work inspired the eight sets of necklaces, each creating juxtaposition with unusual combination of colours.

LCF: What are your plans for the future? And how do you feel your course will help you?
VC: In the future I plan to establish and further develop my brand; Vidhi Kanaya. Having the opportunity to sell my pieces for the Ten Stores Challenge and featuring at Darkroom has given me the confidence to publicise my brand and create awareness.

LCF: What advice would you give someone wanting to study for a BA at LCF?
VC: Do what you love, and stay inspired. The experience is incredible; just don’t take your time for granted.