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BA (Hons) Hair and Makeup for Fashion graduate, Berny Ferreira, joins BBC3 for 'Glow Up'

Berny Ferreira 3 makeup looks
Berny Ferreira 3 makeup looks
Berny Ferreira @bernyferr
Written by
J Tilley
Published date
13 May 2020

BA (Hons) Hair and Makeup for Fashion graduate, Berny Ferreira, has been selected for the new series of BBC3's 'Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star.' Due to air on 14 May 2020, we caught up with Berny ahead of the show to hear all about life after graduation and how he is keeping creative during this time.

So tell us, where did it all start? What got you into makeup?

I began my venture with make-up rather accidentally to be honest. I didn’t do particularly well in my GCSEs, so my options were very limited. I wanted to explore fashion photography and to do so I enrolled on a fine art course at college at Level 1. Soon enough I realised this wasn’t for me, because we were quite literally cross hatching on some paper using the outside fence as a reference for an entire lesson. I felt it just wasn't for me. I found myself then looking at other career prospects at my college and I found a media make-up course which seemed really creative and interesting, so I gave it a whirl! Fast forward 3 years later, I get accepted into UAL and I’m studying hair and make-up in London! It’s crazy how things turn and change so fast.

I’ve always had a fascination with the beauty world from a really young age! I'd rip into my sisters make-up bag and ruin her barbie dolls by painting on their faces, cutting their hair, and making dresses out of socks (which I’m sure she remembers.)

What did you enjoy the most about your time at LCF? 

This question is difficult because there was SO much I loved about attending LCF. I absolutely loved meeting new people, most of my closest friends now are people I met during my time at UAL. I consider them all friends for life, and we all have such a fun laugh together, go out and enjoy ourselves! Another thing which I loved about LCF is how much inspiration you’d get speaking to lecturers and how motivating they are. (Special shout out to Dele and Melissa.)

I found myself always really digging deep within my concepts trying to find different ways of approaching my work, this helped me develop my creative vision immensely!

What have you been up to during life after graduation? Love your website!

I’ve been working part time in Selfridges for a make-up counter and using the rest of my time to do as much freelance work as I can! I do a fair bit of work with Gay Times Magazine now, and assist as much as I can! Honestly being a post grad is such a weird feeling because you’re so accustomed to uni life, I’m now currently living back at my dads. I’m waiting for this weird period to pass by so I can move back to London and work work work!!

Thank you! My good friend (and CSM alumni) Lauren Green hooked me up with my site!

How are you staying creative during these unprecedented times?

For the most part I’ve been sitting down, blasting some music, and smashing out make-up looks for my Instagram! I’ve been loving experimenting with different products/materials recently. My dad is a computer technician so he bought home loads of old circuit boards which he doesn’t need anymore, and I ripped them apart with some pliers and stuck 'em on my face. Just as an example of what Berny gets up to during lockdown! I also love sitting in the garden in the sun, drinking red wine and listening to music. Music really keeps me going when I’m bored.

So… Glow up! How did that come about? 

I was a fan of the first season, so when I saw applications were open I applied because I thought “hey why not?”. I really didn’t think much would come of it though. But… a year later and I’m here! The secret is out and I’m on the show! Honestly NEVER in a million years would I have thought I'd have such an incredible opportunity presented to me like this. I'm really excited for everyone to finally be able to watch season 2, we are all an amazing bunch!

What are you hoping to do next?

I’m hoping to get myself out there even more! The grind never really stops with me, I love working within fashion, doing shoots, etc… I am in my element in that environment. Any opportunity to meet new people and get creative with other like-minded individuals for me is always a great opportunity. I definitely have a vision of myself, and what I want to do. I want to continue pursuing that dream!

Any tips or advice for those graduating soon and looking to follow in your footsteps?

The first few months of graduating may seem super confusing, as if you’re in limbo… but the right opportunity will always show up as long as you keep knocking on every door until one finally opens, and welcomes you in! Just keep on going on, and you’ll meet the right person at the right time!

If you’re a make-up artist, graduating from LCF - direct message any make-up artist you’d be interested in assisting on instagram or even contact different agencies saying you’re available to assist, keep making them connections and keep knocking on them doors.

I can assure you, the opportunities you will be presented with once you begin assisting, are opportunities which will help you pave the way for your career as a make-up artist.