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Jimmy Choo

Footwear Designer
London College of Fashion
Jimmy  Choo


Jimmy Choo graduated from Cordwainers in 1983. He founded his own couture label in the late 1980s and made Jimmy Choo shoes synonymous with the Oscars and adored actresses. Jimmy Choo's clients include royalty, film stars, pop stars and many other high profile people.

In 2000, he received the honorary title Dato (equivalent to a knighthood) from the Sultan of Pahang, in recognition of his contribution to Malaysia. In 2002 he received an OBE.


Why did you chose to study at LCF?

It's a world renowned college with top-class, experienced lecturers.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

When University of the Arts gave me recognition, by awarding me a fellowship, and Her Royal Highness the Queen gave me an OBE.

Sum up your LCF experience in three words.

Exciting. Knowledge. Skill.

If you could have your time again would you study at LCF?


Can you remember the names of your fellow students / lecturers / technicians?

Yes, I'm still in contact with many of them.

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