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Barbra Kolasinski

Womenswear Designer
London College of Fashion
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Barbra  Kolasinski


Barbra studied MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear and has gone on to establish her own brand, based in Glasgow, which explores the use of faux fur and sheepskin.


Could you introduce yourself and what you do?

I am a womenswear designer based in Glasgow. I have recently set up my own brand, Barbra Kolasinski. It is a luxury Scottish womenswear brand focusing on contemporary, confident clothing and accessories that reflect the playful nature of fabrics. I use colour and texture to create my own fur world with faux furs and sheepskin.

You studied MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear at LCF. How did you find the course?

I found the course challenging but it helped me to step outside my comfort zone and really push and find myself as a designer which is what I love doing.

Why did you choose to study at LCF?  

LCF comes with a great reputation and the opportunity to be a part of such a diverse and creative community is what drew me to LCF. Also the fact that London is an amazing and vibrant city added to the experience.

What specific skills did you learn and continue to use now?

I love being hands on with my work; dying colours and finding unusual textile techniques and machinery that means I can bring my clothes to life. I am focused on textures

How did you find the teaching?

Being able to interact with individuals with huge insight into the industry and a variety of knowledge and skills added to my own learning.

If you were to go back, would you do anything differently?

I would do more. More colour, more design, find out what else I could get my hands on, create bigger and more interesting pieces and be even more creative.

You graduated and went to work at McQueen. How does the course prepare you for working in-house at brands?

To succeed on the course, you must be self-motivated. If you don’t do the work it simply doesn’t get done and this creates a work ethic that translates into the industry.

And now you’ve gone to set up your own brand. How have you found that experience?

I have loved it! For me personally I knew this is what I felt was right and needed to do. I gained valuable experience in the industry however it is in my path that has led me back to Glasgow set the foundations for my brand.

What is your top tip for people who want to get into your field of work? 

Create a strong work ethic and anything and everything is possible. Be determined about what you want and go out and get it! Keep your eyes and ears open- there is so much to learn out there and that is the most exciting bit!