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3D Design and Experimentation (2 credits)

Hats, headwear, headbands, chokers, bracelets, ruffs, gauntlets, armour - all pieces that mask, adorn, celebrate, enhance and maybe protect the body.  

Armour for example, isn't just an element of war, used as protection - it's a statement. Clothing and adornment work as an extension of personality.

Objects take on another form – when made in leather, dipped in plaster, carved in wood, moulded in plastic or rubber, burnished, cut, embellished, tattooed, punched, or tooled.

How do we create something original and new, when we live in a world where everything already exists?
With experimentation comes innovation. New materials create new opportunities. Fashion has a way of enhancing and embracing the past, to redefine the new. 

For inspiration, while we are in Paris, we will follow in the footsteps of Yves St Laurent and examine tribal art at the Quai Branly museum: Masks, carnival costume, body markings, scarification.... rich ideas to inform your work. 

Think theatre and Venetian masks, the grotesque.

In this unit you will play and invent extraordinary things. You will create and construct a 3D form to encase the body, your body if you wish.