Courses for teenagers

Our unique programme of short fashion courses for teenagers is delivered during the Christmas holidays, the Easter break, and throughout summer from June to August (along with our residential summer schools) - allowing you to experiment with new techniques, build confidence, acquire new skills and be inspired to learn more.

Specifically for teenage students these fashion courses can be used as a platform for deciding which future fashion career path to follow, to discover new strengths or just try something new and creative for fun.

Fashion Business and Media:

  • Fashion Buying (16-18 Year Olds)

    In this fashion buying course you’ll examine the key characteristics of a buyer as well as their relationship with the merchandiser and designer.

  • Visual Merchandising (16-18 Year Olds)

    This hands on, creative, and practical course teaches the basic principles of design and window display key to Visual Merchandising.

Photography and Styling:

Design and Garment Production:


Residential Summer Schools: