UN Orange Label Project: Fashion Says No to Violence Against Women

Logo created by LCC students Betty Chan (Peidi Chen) Olekssi Syniukov, Cristina Mazzoni from MA Graphic Branding and Identity.

The Orange Label Project, run and supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, and London College of Fashion, UAL will engage and connect the issue of violence against women with new audiences, particularly young people, through a series of creative activities.

Social media takeover day

On 25th November 2016 we are encouraging the fashion industry to show their support by uploading an image featuring the colour orange to social media using the hashtag #OrangeLabelProject. Last year the orange campaign even turned the White House orange!. Please join us in uploading an image to your social media accounts on 25th, and wear something orange to work that day. The colour reference is CMYK 5/70/100/7 or RGB 216/103/34.

  • Remember, this is a positive image to convey the message ‘Fashion Says No to Violence Against Women’ and it must use the colour orange!
  • Use the hashtags #Orangetheworld #UNTF #16days #Orangelabelproject.
  • Please do not upload images of your finished work before this date. We want the digital world to turn orange on that day in support of the UNTF.
  • #Orangelabelproject#Orangetheworld#UNTF#16days

Student competition

For this project, and marking the 20th anniversary of UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UNTF), fashion disciplines will unite against violence against women. Fashion Says NO to Violence Against Women called for fashion students from around the world, and across disciplines, to produce a piece of work incorporating the project colour orange.

The winning work is below, along with second place, third place and honourable mentions.

Winning work


  • Winner - Chantelle Anonuevo, Falmouth University

  • Second place - Abhineet Dang, Make-up & styling by Jyoti Agarwal, narration Surabhi Lal, cast – Mita Chavan, Priyanka Bhadauria, Raghavi Agarwal, Sanhita Sharan, from Pearl Academy, Delhi. MentorJyotsna Raghunathan.

  • Joint third place winner Candice Lo, London College of Fashion.

  • Join third place - Raf Stesmans, Asli Girgin and team, Istanbul Moda Academy.