Alex McIntosh

Alex McIntosh is the Course Leader for MA Fashion Futures, a long-standing member of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) and is also Managing Director of the pioneering menswear brand Christopher Raeburn.

Alex has been working in the area of fashion and sustainability for more than ten years. His research interests revolve around the exploration of business models that nurture sustainable innovation, community engagement and creative thinking. He has developed a number of programmes to support and encourage emerging fashion businesses towards sustainable practices, working with The Ethical Fashion Forum, The British Fashion Council and Enterprise UK as well as the CSF. Alex has also consulted for a wide range of larger brands, most recently The Selfridges Group, to develop and launch their Buying Better programme and the Bright New Things Initiative.

Alex is currently working on the Fire research project as a Co-Investigator, exploring ways in which an active culture of research and development towards sustainability can be embedded in the UK Fashion SME community. As Co-investigator on the TRANSFER project - a collaboration with the University of Sheffield psychology department - he explores the value-action gap in consumer culture.

Alex has written extensively for a number of publications in relation to fashion and sustainability, and developed and authored the year-long i-Sustain series for i-D magazine and i-D online.