Technical Staff

The technical workshops are at the heart of Central Saint Martins, turning it into a huge factory of creativity. And at the heart of our workshops are our technical staff, who collectively are a storehouse of incredible knowledge, with the enthusiasm and commitment to share that with our students.

  • Caroline List, Technician, Paint

    Caroline List, Paint

    I am always learning something new and I love the creative inventive environment. The students are always asking challenging questions, which I try my best to answer.

  • Abdul Mohammed, Technician, CAD

    Abdul Mohammed, CAD

    I get inspiration from a variety of different places – especially from the students and colleagues that I collaborate with daily.

  • Sion Fletcher, Technican, Web and Creative Coding

    Sion Fletcher, Web and Creative Coding

    Students are constantly asking for programming solutions for the most ridiculous ideas. We have to solve problems here you wouldn’t have to solve anywhere else.

  • Helen Ingham, Technician, Letterpress

    Helen Ingham, Letterpress

    I get such a huge rush when a print job goes right.

  • Ray Barker, Technician, Digital Media

    Ray Barker, Digital Media

    It’s a rare experience - every year seeing the fantastic stuff students create - and you’ve had a hand in it. Making hundreds of things with hundreds of people is incredibly rewarding.

  • Jenny Hayton, Technician, Costume

    Jenny Hayton, Costume

    t’s really great to see the way that students approach things, the challenging perceptions of what performance is that they bring, and their critical thinking on what their practice is.