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Freya Morgan

BA Graphic Design Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Freya  Morgan


Freya graduated from BA Graphic Design in 2016 after studying on Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. She listed some of the key inspirations to her work as the movie Alien, Habbo Hotel and Sim City 3000.

My work

I would say that all of my work is my attempt to express any notions or ideas I have, and make them more palatable to other people. A lot of the ideas I want to communicate are not necessarily things that I actually understand fully, but that’s why I work on them, because I want to understand them more and also just kind of provoke other people to think about them too.


I’ll take an idea like how I really think people are way too self-important and we need to respect the planet. But instead of being all preachy about it and showing like a sad, dying plant, I’d rather slip a little bit of humour in there, like when you try to feed a dog medicine by wrapping it in ham.

Avoiding labels

I’m not sure I ever really decided, or even that I would describe myself as a graphic designer. I tend to just go wherever life seems to take me and do things if people tell me I’m good at them as long as I enjoy them. It’s weird in a way although I really love what I do, I feel quite dissociated from it because otherwise I think I’d go mad!

Why CSM?

I did the Foundation because my friend had gone the year before and said it was good, and I just really loved it. A lot of people sort of have an issue with not being taught lots of typical ‘design’ techniques on our course, but I think that stuff comes secondary to ideas!


Just do what you want and what’s in your head, which I pretty much did anyway, but also maybe try to follow through with all your plans to make zines.


100% the people! So many students and tutors on the course who just made the three years there enjoyable, whilst stressful.


At the moment I’m doing quite well just freelancing and moving from project to project which I think keeps my brain from clogging, and I’m going to get back into printmaking soon!

Five years time

I think I would like to just become a more successful freelancer. I quite enjoy the pressure of last minute jobs, and would one day love to be able to afford to share a studio with some of my friends.



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