Tim Robins

Drama and Performance Programme; Character Analysis and Movement Psychology, Drama Centre London.

I'm a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) Australia, Drama Centre London and the National Art School (Australia). During a Postgraduate year at Drama Centre London, I was an assistant teacher for Yat Malmgren. 

I returned to Australia to teach and direct at the Nimrod Theatre’s acting classes and subsequently founded and was the Principal of Drama Studio Sydney. I also taught Character Analysis at NIDA and was Head of Drama at the McDonald College of Performing Arts. I also have broad experience as a director in both student and professional theatre.

What I teach

Through a theoretical approach that is in many ways similar to the ‘musical theory’ or ‘colour theory’ that one might study at Music or Art School, Character Analysis deals both with the component elements and the range of human expression.

Perhaps even more importantly, through an extensive series of scripted and improvised movement and acting exercises, it aims to build a connection to the invisible and subconscious processes that are the source and foundation of all the observed 'performance' of the actor. 

The approach, developed by Yat Malmgren, is based on an amalgamation of the work of Rudolf Laban and the study of those functions of the human psyche known as Sensing, Thinking, Intuiting and Feeling described by Carl Jung in his book - the Psychological Types.