Stefan Sloneczny

Stefan Sloneczny, Commercial Events Manager

What does your role consist of?

Since moving to King’s Cross we’ve found ourselves with brand new top-of-the-range facilities that are perfect for commercial hire. It’s my role to bring commercial events into the College and to work closely with our clients to deliver their events.

What makes our offer unique is that our clients have not only been able to use our venue, but work with our extremely talented graduates. From set design to the creation of experiences based on the event’s themes – our client’s can harness our graduates creativity to make their event a truly memorable occasion for their delegates!

What are some of the most interesting projects you have been involved in?

We’ve delivered a broad suite of events at Central Saint Martins over the past couple of years with a wide range of clients including Paul Smith, WPP, L’Oreal, and EDF Energy.

We’ve also welcomed back our graduates Palmer//Harding to show in our Platform Theatre as part of London Fashion Week official schedule for SS14. Their set and lighting were designed by UAL graduates and was a brilliant and innovative collaborative production.

What did you do before you started at Central Saint Martins?

I worked in theatre and at an English Language college – so have been incredibly fortunate to move to CSM to marry the two and work in an academic setting and have amazing theatre spaces to host commercial events in. In theatre I learned a lot about sourcing venues so am always sure to make sure our clients utilize our best suited spaces for their event.

What excites you most about working here?

One of the greatest parts of my role is taking people round the building on a regular basis as I’m consistently reminded how unique our space is here at King’s Cross.

It’s also brilliant to provide our graduates with opportunities to work with our clients in developing their event to become the best it possibly can be.