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Window Gallery 2023

Take a look at the exhibitions that took place in Central Saint Martins' Window Galleries throughout 2023.

window gallery
Jamie Johnson

A Studio of One’s Own – the Central School Story

11–27 January 2023

An exhibition by the Museum & Study Collection exploring the history of women printmakers in response to Print and Prejudice at the V&A.

objects hang in window
Jamie Johnson

Schools of Schools

9–20 March 2023

School of Schools was a student-led exhibition by MArch Architecture year one students to showcase the outcomes of their first term. Sstudents were tasked with designing a ‘school’ that has a close relationship to land and the issues of climate and social justice it raises. This ranged from access to spaces for countercultures, to land governance or urban renewal.

photo of a set of yellow marigold cleaning gloves with words on them
Sanitised silence, Gabrielle de Ferrer, 2023

Mundane Mondays

14–23 March 2023

BA Fine Art XD students showcased Mundane Mondays as part of their Reclaim the Mundane series. Existing to take art into the forbidden and uncanny spaces of the corporate and the commercial. As a collective, questioning what items and lifestyles should be revered as art and culture.

a tv on a plinth
Tiancheng Qiu

Slicing the apple

20–28 April 2023

Slicing the Apple was a response by BA Fine Art Year 2 of research into the apple, in partnership with the Museum of Cider, Herefordshire and their Apples & People website.