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Design School

London College of Communication's Design School is a dynamic and inclusive multidisciplinary community of internationally recognised educators, researchers and practitioners.

Design School Manifesto; eight statements in black typeface. 'Design School Manifesto' written in red typeface.

Our manifesto

  • We believe in design as site of action and agency to radically transform our world.
  • We believe in the power of design to critique, confront and challenge inequalities.
  • We believe in questioning geopolitical, socio-cultural, and disciplinary boundaries.
  • We believe that design operates in an ecology beyond the human centric.
  • We believe that learning is continuous, collaborative and creative.
  • We believe in the power of making as critical practice and tangible intervention.
  • We believe in embracing uncertainty through experimentation and risk-taking.
  • We believe in the value of interrogating the past to shape our futures.
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Supra Systems Studio

A Design School Research platform launched during London Design Festival 2018.

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The Responsible Design Framework PDF

Provides guidance for embedding environmental and social design approaches and principles within the curriculum.

Responsible Design Framework pdf

Responsible Design Framework: Case Studies

Projects created with diverse external communities and in collaboration with NGO and local organisations which reflect the Design School’s environmental and social design imperatives.

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The Design School Collaborations celebrate projects and activities stemming from and taking place across and outside of the University, shining a new light on the critically engaged work.

Dr. Nicky Ryan
Dean of Design

As Dean of Design at LCC, Nicky leads undergraduate and postgraduate courses in graphic design communication; interaction design and visual communication; and branding and design innovation. "As a student in the Design School you will engage with the latest developments in professional practice, theory and research and develop transferable skills for employability and lifelong learning."

View Dr. Nicky Ryan's staff profile

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Design School: Courses

Our School ethos builds on the aesthetic traditions of design practice and encourages experimentation, critique and innovation within the context of a post-digital culture. We believe in the power of design practice, design thinking and design research to effect strategic change, shape positive futures and produce cultural value.

International Studies and Progression

The International Studies and Progression Programme celebrates the diverse community of learners that study at LCC. Through the programme’s courses we explore ways of working with Design, Media and Screen based practices, technologies and theories to support the ambitions of our students.

Branding and Design Innovation

Branding and Design Innovation celebrates the diversity of contemporary creative communication tools, visual practices and related outputs.

The programme explores and critiques design at its intersection with society, industry, enterprise and culture. Design is positioned as a collaborative and strategic practice that can inform, intervene and drive positive change.

Graphic Design Communication

Graphic Design Communication addresses a need for designers to operate within an increasingly dynamic range of visual communication environments.

The programme celebrates its ability to engage diverse audiences, tell compelling stories and expose unexpected connections through the utilisation of multiple forms and methods of communication.

Interaction Design and Visual Communication

Interaction Design and Visual Communication deploys experimental methods and expanded practices to interrogate and critique contemporary material culture.

The programme’s courses explore radical ways of working through, about and with design and technology in order to create previously inconceivable new realities for future creative practices, ecologies and societies.

Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS)

Students in the Design School can take part in the Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS), an optional year-long experiential learning opportunity, allowing you to undertake a variety of internships and professional experiences for a whole academic year in Year 3, as part of a four-year degree.

Design School – teaching staff

Design School: Stories

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