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LCC Postgraduate Showcase 2020

At London College of Communication’s Postgraduate Showcase 2020, we celebrated some of the most inspiring new work across design, media and screen.

Faced with uncertain times, our graduating class of designers, thinkers and makers have been able to adapt and innovate with true creativity.

With projects spanning both physical and digital worlds, their work reflects thoughtful and experimental approaches to creative communications, and has the potential to shape the future of industry while driving wider cultural change.

Working hard from their homes across the world, our students have been able to ask important questions, collaborate with their peers, and think about the importance of creative communications: both in the present moment, and in the future to come.

We’re really excited to introduce their work to global audiences, and we’re glad that you can join us to celebrate their achievements.

To our graduating students: congratulations! You are the future and the legacy of London College of Communication.

— Natalie Brett UAL Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of London College of Communication


Communities and Covid

MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography graduates were joined by the editor of Tottenham Community Press to discuss local news agenda and the impact of Covid-19.

Focus on Health

MA Service Design graduates discuss women’s health, body positivity, “telehealth”, vaccination, and both the mental and physical health of children and adults alike.

The Future of Care

This workshop led by MA Design for Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures graduates explored 3 key themes of Care, Compassion, and Connection.

The Way We Thought We Worked

MA Service Design students discuss service proposals aimed at offering support with remote working, freelancing and mental health, as well as communication issues.

Events: Futures

2020 and ½

This fully immersive 3D space hosted by MA Virtual Reality graduates invites audiences to explore the virtual world.

A Peek Into Possible Futures

MA Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures graduates share their reflections on the nature of care, community and learning in the context of some very urgent global challenges.

The 40 Service Designers of the Apocalypse

MA Service Design graduates analysed the impact of Covid-19 on their process this year and discuss the challenges they faced.

The Future of Learning

MA Design Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures graduates explore the future of creative learning schools, the role of systems thinking in young people's education and the power of a game.

Supermarket 2030

In this talk, our MA Service Design students discussed the future of food and our evolving relationship to it.

Service Design for Education

MA Service Design graduates discuss innovative service proposals addressing the challenges of remote education, online peer support, independent learning, teacher empowerment, and much more.

Socially Innovative Services

MA Service Design graduate students introduce new social practices aimed at improving many aspects of our society.

Events: Screenings

A Frame Away

A screening and discussions from our MA Animation graduates.

docma 2020

The MA Documentary Film Graduation Panel discussed the nature of the contemporary documentary form with a group of industry insiders.