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Archives and Special Collections at LCC

Stanley Kubrick Archive at LCC

The University’s Archives and Special Collections Centre (ASCC) is based at London College of Communication. It's a remarkable range of archives and special collections that reflect the historical development of art and design; from film production and photography to graphic design and printing history.

The Archives and Special Collections Centre includes:

Stanley Kubrick Archive

The archive of renowned director Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) spans his entire career, from his time as a photographer for Look Magazine to his final film Eyes Wide Shut. It includes records created during the making of his films, fan letters, correspondence, memos, and equipment. Researchers can find out about a range of subjects including filmmaking techniques, photography, screenwriting and film marketing. Find out more about The Stanley Kubrick Archive.

Tom Exkersley Collection

Tom Eckersley (1914-1997) was a poster artist and design teacher who established the first graphic design course in Britain at London College of Printing, the former incarnation of London College of Communication. The commemorative collection contains his posters, magazine, covers and original artwork and reveals his working process.

London College of Communication Archive

The collection contains materials relating to the activities of the College and its predecessor bodies from 1893 to the present day. A section of the collection features ephemera representing printing techniques and design trends. There are also printed materials relating to printing education and apprenticeships, generated by the College, its predecessor bodies and external organisations for example, wartime correspondence courses.

Other collections include:

  • Comic book collection
  • Phillip Knightley - journalist and writer
  • Thorold Dickinson - film director and educator
  • Robert Fenton - lecturer and educator
  • Clive Exton - screenwriter
  • Joy Cuff - artist and model maker

The ASCC is open to members of Higher Education institutions and the general public. We can arrange tours of the Centre for student groups and course directors to support teaching and learning.

If you would like to visit the Centre, please make an appointment in advance by phone or email to the Archives and Special Collections Centre (ASCC).