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Value Talks

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Explore insights from leading thinkers, makers and innovators.

London College of Communication’s Value Talks series brings together figures from across the creative industries to share their thoughts around contemporary issues and the importance of creativity.

From photographers and filmmakers to authors and activists, our guests share the latest developments in their sectors, their own professional journeys, and how to make an impact in their chosen careers.

Across the series, we consider the influences shaping the ideas and inspiration behind both emerging and established practitioners, along with the contexts in which they work. Together, our guests discuss themes such as:

  • Diversity in PR
  • Sharing meaningful narratives
  • Turning filmmaking into your career
  • Writing for and about women
  • Creating cinematic realities
  • Student activism

Released monthly, Value Talks is available to download on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other streaming platforms. You can also watch the conversations as they happened on the LCC YouTube channel.

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