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Accelerating the Creative Economy through Immersive Technologies

ACE IT is a fully-funded initiative which supports London-based start-ups and SMEs to conceptualise, research and develop innovative products and services using immersive technology.

Working closely with an expert team, participants develop a personalised pathway to build key skills, create groundbreaking products and future-proof their business.

ACE IT is a partnership between London College of Communication, UAL, and London South Bank University, and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

What does the programme offer?

Each stage of ACE IT offers 12 hours of workshops, meetings and seminars, which are complemented by an ongoing series of events.

After completing the ideation of Stage One, eligible participants can develop and prototype their concepts further by progressing to Stage Two.

Stage One: Foundation

Stage One support is split between 2 areas: innovation sprints and expert-led training.

Innovation sprints

Hosted by London College of Communication, this virtual series of live webinars, classroom sessions  and creative resources has been designed to explore and tackle issues across the field of immersive tech. With digital access to academic and technical teams, participants are supported to review and grow their concepts, leading to a more efficient development cycle.

Expert-led training

Led by London South Bank University, participants enhance their learning through a series of workshops that build fundamental knowledge and skills across areas including:

  • Marketing and communications
  • Financing immersive ventures
  • Business growth

Stage Two: Accelerator

Stage Two support focuses on product development, prototyping and usability. Participants receive free, expert advice on the development of their project while keeping 100% of the intellectual property (IP).

Event series

In addition to the set programme of support, participants can sign up to a number of webinars, workshops and networking opportunities which explore the broader landscape of immersive technologies.

ACE IT experts

With skills and knowledge ranging from extended reality (XR) to business management, participants are supported by a range of experts who can help to bring their ideas to life.

What is the ACE IT programme?

(Filmed January 2020)