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4OC, a change management consultancy specialising in optimising organisational performance, worked with a team of students from MA Graphic Branding and Identity, on a new brand identity, including a logo, visuals for internal and external communication, and website designs.

The students worked closely with 4OC’s CEO and management team to research and map the organisation’s narrative, audience and competition, organised workshops with staff and uncovered unique stories, all of which translated into different branding proposals. 4OC chose one of the ideas as their new brand identity, which the students executed in full design.

James Curran, 4OC’s Strategic Marketing Manager, said “We really enjoyed the process the UAL team took us through. They worked hard to build a comprehensive understanding of our brief, and were very responsive to our feedback to the designs along the way. Their approach was structured but flexible, and resulted in very high quality outputs. Thank you Team UAL!”

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