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Design Action x London Design Festival

13-20 September 2020

Design Action was a digital showcase and events programme that took place at London College of Communication. The work celebrated creative activism and highlighted the work of LCC’s Design School, as students and staff anticipated new futures in an uncertain world.

In the wake of the global pandemic, LCC's Design School tested their Manifesto against the shifting requirements of a changed world.

Design Action featured a range of projects and work in progress from the School’s dynamic and collaborative community. It questioned cultural, technological and disciplinary boundaries and confronted the social, systemic and ecological challenges of our time.

The programme included:

  • An emerging research platform which explores the shifting definitions, debates and practices of graphic design
  • A look at professional design practice in the wake of COVID-19
  • An exploration of new ecological systems and tools
  • A vision of the world in 2030 based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • An interaction design communication which rethinks concepts of audience participation, presence, and space.


  • U-Turn  

    Ian Carr’s U-Turn is an audio-visual graphic work which focuses on the literal and abstract nature of ‘the u-turn' as a concept, its place within the creative process, and the ways in which it can be seen as an act of protest and ultimate move to a new front.

  • Discovered Spaces  

    Discovered Spaces is a collaboration between MA Interaction Design Communication students on the theme of ‘Connection’. With a hybrid participatory format of both on- and offline elements, the work explores new ways to stay connected while relearning the possibilities of interaction design and ways its relevancy can evolve during times of crisis.

  • In the course of time  

    Developed in Microsoft Teams, made in bedrooms and photographed on windowsills and kitchen tables, In the course of time is a group portrait of makers in isolation as 2 technicians and 9 students from LCC create a remote publication in Lockdown.

Design Action is part of London Design Festival.

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