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An array of food products including bottles, sitting amongst vegetables.

A new plant-based brand

Pairing our emerging creatives with world leading brands, allows London College of Communication to be at the forefront of innovation within the creative industries. For businesses, collaborations with our students bring new ideas, concepts and points of view to the table, allowing brands to grow and even expand into new areas.

Students on our MA Graphic Branding and Identity course collaborated with Kraft Heinz, the world-renowned company behind icons such as Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Heinz Beanz, to create a new plant-based brand.

In the past few years the vegan food scene has exploded, with new brands and products appearing on the shelves every week. Heinz were keen to focus on an area of the market yet to see many products aimed at the plant-based community. As they put it ‘the majority of condiments are currently aimed at the meat-eating market’ and this resulted in a brief being devised by Heinz and our Business and Innovation team.

The brief focused on the creation of a visual identity for this new condiment brand, consisting of an identity system, tone of voice, brand personality, digital interface, positioning and the identity in action (such as on packaging or socials) 10 teams of students worked to research, develop and prototype ideas before presenting back to the Heinz team through a series of work-in-progress crits and final presentations.

Heinz expressed: “We partnered with LCC students to bring a new, creative approach to how we deliver communication plans at Kraft Heinz. The students delivered a communication plan, brand story and packaging design that exceeded our original brief and proved we were working with some of the most talented future designers in the industry.”  

MA Graphic Branding and Identity course leader Paul Jackson describes how beneficial the project has been for the students.

"Working with Kraft Heinz on an innovative new product line gave our students an incredible opportunity to develop their approach to graphic branding".

Our students worked hard to develop a series of speculative, practical outputs for brand packaging and point-of-sale. Collaborating on a live design brief enables 'real world' skills to develop alongside students' continuing research and self-directed practice. It's this interplay that defines our course approach. Our students loved working with Heinz as well as with each other, describing it as a highlight of their MA studies.

The clients were delighted with the design work produced, which we consider some of the best work we've seen produce on MA Graphic Branding and Identity. We're immensely proud of their professionalism, resilience, and agility as emerging brand designers."