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Plan International UK

Redesigning collective campaigning

Students from LCC's MA Service Experience Design and Innovation worked with Plan International UK – an international children's charity – to design new ways of creating petitions.

Plan International UK use petitions to show global support to young activists campaigning across the world. Petitions are effective but Plan UK wanted to explore how they could innovate and create something better.

This was a student-led project, divided into four phases, with a Service Experience Design student managing each phase. Plan UK was closely involved in the project. Their staff fed back on each step, as well as participating in co-design workshops.

The Discover phase kicked off with a briefing from Plan UK. Research into supporters, engagement mechanisms, and benchmarking followed.

The Define phase featured two workshops with students from across LCC and Plan UK employees. Workshop participants co-designed possible approaches to the brief and came up with new concepts. Later in the week, a second workshop began prototyping these ideas. The video below shows some of the activities that took place in the workshops.

In the Develop phase, students developed the concepts further. They used feedback from the workshops to create viable solutions to the brief. Students did further testing with the public.

The Deliver phase looked at communication and implementation of the four final designs. Look out for some of these in Plan UK's upcoming campaigns.

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