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Hostelworld - Animated Content Creation

BA (Hons) Animation students from London College of Communication created animated content for Hostelworld to illustrate why travel is the best New Year’s resolution.

Travel brand Hostelworld commissioned second year BA (Hons) Animation students to create a funny, inspiring and highly shareable piece of social content to kick off 2017 and get people thinking and talking about their travel goals for the upcoming year.

Working in 15 small teams, students from LCC developed concepts, presented ideas to Hostelworld and then brought them to life through animation. Hostelworld bought two films which they ran on social channels in early 2017.

The students who won prizes for their work were Daria Terenteva, Nadia Dalgaard-Bojsen, Tom Denney, Cyrus Lo, Anna Smirnowa and Samuel Mason for their film 'Eat The World', and Harifa Ahmed, Joel Atkinson, Rory Brown, Regan Mott, Louis Russell-Canty who produced 'The Cat'.

Featured on Hostelworld’s Facebook page.

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