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Reel Lives

21 January – 13 February 2019

Reel Lives exhibition, held at London College of Communication, featured an inclusive and diverse programme of screenings, workshops, discussions, performances, interactive activities..

Filmmakers, animators, sound and visual artists, and VR and game designers invited audiences to participate and experience the world through the lens of identity, diversity and locality.

Event recordings

Reel Lives

Exhibitions film

Find out more about the Reel Lives exhibition at London College of Communication.

Why We Are More Than Black Filmmakers

Panel discussion

A panel discussion exploring 'why we are more than black filmmakers', as part of Reel Lives. Chaired by LCC visiting lecturer and alumni Dionne Walker, the panel includes Nadine Marsh Edwards, Rayna Campbell and Isis Thompson.

Who Speaks for the Homeless

Panel discussion

How do audiences view homeless people on television, film and social media? Who is telling the stories? How can those real lives be understood?