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Guide to Validation

At London College of Communication (LCC), we regularly review and update the courses we offer to ensure students have a high-quality academic experience and are prepared for successful careers in the creative industries. This is called validation and re-approval.


When we develop a new course, it’s required to go through validation as part of our internal and external quality assurance process.

Validation takes place before a course starts, and means that it’s undergoing development and subject to formal approval. This process of development is an essential part of course creation, and enables a course to carry an award such as BA (Hons) or Master’s which students work towards achieving. All aspects of the course - such as content, structure, how it’s delivered and how students are assessed - are considered during validation.

We consult with external academics from other leading institutions, industry experts who contribute to the course design, current students, and (where possible) graduates working in the creative industries.

The aim of validation is to ensure the most innovative and industry-focused courses possible are provided across the College.


Re-approval is a similar process to validation, but applies to existing courses that are already running at LCC.

As part of our quality assurance process, we review and develop our course provision across the College portfolio on a regular basis. Existing courses are required to go through re-approval at regular intervals, and this involves consideration of all aspects such as content, units, structure and how students are assessed.

As with Validation, we consult with external academics from other leading institutions, industry experts, current students, and (where possible) graduates working in the creative industries.

Re-approval helps to ensure that all our courses remain innovative, engaging, relevant and rewarding for both current and future students at LCC.


On occasion, it may be necessary to suspend recruitment to a course.

This suspension is typically for a fixed period of time – normally 1 academic year. The course won’t recruit any students for that particular year of intake; however, it isn’t formally being closed.


If you have any questions about the validation or re-approval process, please contact James Goulds, LCC Quality Manager: