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Joel Karamath

Course Leader, BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts
London College of Communication
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Joel  Karamath


Joel Karamath is Course Leader for BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts. He has worked with renowned art institutions including the Geffrye Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), commissioned as a consultant and to collaborate on film, layout and exhibition design.

Joel's research has been conducted within the realm of film and popular culture (written and film work). His most recent work was a film about photographer Jennie Baptiste and her work with the Maroon community in Jamaica, which was on view at the Rush Art Gallery in New York, USA.

Joel has been involved in some notable exhibitions, including 'The West Indian Front Room: Memories and Impressions of Black British Homes' at the Geffrye Museum in 2006. He was commissioned by artist and writer Michael Macmillan to make two films for the exhibition and also acted as a consultant for the show's design and layout.

Similarly, in 2005, Joel was commissioned to act as a consultant for the Black British Style exhibition at the V&A by curators Carol Tulloch and Shaun Cole. The initial brief was to collaborate on scoping the major themes, layout and profiling of the exhibition.

A further commission was made to make a documentary film to be screened in the exhibition to historically contextualise the impact of Black British style on mainstream Britain and to thematically include some areas not covered in the show.

For a more detailed look at Joel's current research, his areas of interest and expertise view his LCC Research Profile.

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