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Co-Create: Students respond to Museum Collection in new exhibition

Small white lights and plastic shapes on delicate strings, shot against a black background
Small white lights and plastic shapes on delicate strings, shot against a black background
Wannie and Isaac
Written by
Cat Cooper
Published date
22 September 2022

Foundation Plus students from CSM and CCW and the Central Saint Martins Museum worked together this summer on the Co-Create project. Students worked in mixed pairs to respond to objects from the CSM Museum and Study Collection and the Chelsea Collections and Archive.


After handling the objects in the museum and researching them in depth, the students collaboratively developed responses in their pairs, co-creating unique new works that speak to the original museum and archival pieces.

A selection of the student works were displayed in a public exhibition in the Crossing and the Museum Window Galleries at Central Saint Martins in August-September 2022.

The Brief

As partners, students had to agree the specific focus of their project and consider how it would relate to their disciplines. They considered the potential site of their artwork: indoor or outdoor location, shop, gallery, public or private space, domestic or commercial..would they want it to fit in or and virtual spaces, or site-specific. They also thought about who their work would be for, considering different audiences such as buyers, clients, beneficiaries, public and how people might engage with it, see it, experience it or find it.

Our Co-Create Project on FAD+ was our most ambitious yet, but so much fun! Our students thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other and learning about their different disciplines, and some even said that it had improved their communication skills. All of the final outcomes produced were made considering sustainable materials and concepts, and they looked incredible in the windows at Granary Square.

— Suzanne Harris, Curriculum Leader: Foundation Plus
  • Cindy_Julie.jpg
    Cindy and Julie
  • Jack_Haruka.jpg
    Jack and Haruka
  • Johnny_Silvia.jpg
    Johnny and Silvia
  • Vivi_Diana.jpg
    Vivi and Diana
  • Jessilyn_Linda.jpg
    Jessilyn and Linda

Project background

Contemporary art and design practices have increasingly blurred boundaries between them. Practitioners in different forms share expertise and collaborate, to develop projects that challenge traditional expectations.

Co-Create mixed students from different disciplines and from both Central Saint Martins and Camberwell Foundation courses, so they could learn from each other and broaden their understanding of other parts of the University.

Working collaboratively brings experience of knowledge exchange, and develops core skills including team-working, communication, negotiation, delegation, and time management. The process reflects the evolving working practices in the creative sector today where creative practitioners are required to have broad knowledge, to work in changing teams, to collaborate with practitioners from other disciplines and to engage with a range of clients, sponsors and funding bodies.

Student process