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Jewellery, Textiles and Materials programme

The Jewellery and Textiles programme consists of the following courses:

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  • BA Jewellery Design student Mizuki Tochigi's '6 Out of 100' necklace
    BA Jewellery Design student Mizuki Tochigi's '6 Out of 100' necklace created from broken heels and upcycled Swarovski crystals created as part of the Swarovski Conscious Design Programme
    Swarovski Conscious Design Hub

    Learn more about the partnership with Swarovski, and student approaches to sustainability and conscious design

  • Abstract collage of fabrics
    Living Systems Lab research working with mycelial networks, slime mould and roots systems. Images by Collet / Barnett / Collet
    Living Systems Lab Research Group

    The Living Systems Lab explores biological living systems to develop new knowledge in the field of ecology via creative practices

Jewellery and Textiles Programme stories

  • Mills Fabrica Innovation Award

    Yongfan Lu wins the Mills Fabrica Innovation Award with a biomaterial that can bioremediate the soil after its use.

  • Collected conversations

    In a new series of podcasts, Terrence Phearse, MA Culture, Criticism and Curation alum, explores recent additions to the Central Saint Martins Museum & Study Collection. These works, by 2020 graduates, reflect on social justice, mental health and

  • Graduates take up residence at MAKE

    Graduates emerging from their studies with innovative and engaged practices took up residence at MAKE @ Story Garden. Over five months, they created and led collaborative community projects including clay activism and hoarding hacks.

  • Grow your own phone accessories

    Welcome to the near-future designed by MA Material Futures students Rūta Irbīte and Liene Kazaka in response to a brief from Three.