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What is 21st Century Photography?

Lena Heubusch
Lena Heubusch
Lena Heubusch
Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
10 July 2015
Lena Heubusch

Lena Heubusch

MA Photography Course Leader Dr Daniel Rubinstein’s newly commissioned essay ‘What is 21st Century Photography?’ addresses one of photography’s most complex questions. 

Featuring the work of our graduating MA Photography students, this essay explores the key philosophical questions proposed by contemporary photography.


“Above all else, photography, as the visual incarnation of the algorithm, is shaping our world everywhere, and from time to time we can even glimpse the workings of this process in the images that it throws up…”

“…In photography one can glimpse how the accidental meetings of these forces are capable of producing temporary, meaningful assemblages that we call ‘images’. In the 21st Century, photography is not a stale sight for sore eyes, but the inquiry into what makes something an image. As such, photography is the most essential task of art in the current time.”

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