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Take Five: Millie Horton


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24 June 2016

With Show Two now open, we’ve been talking to exhibiting students to find out about the inspirations and ideas behind their final projects.

For her final project, BA Fashion Communication student Millie Horton explored the creative spaces of a series of influential women to create her printed publication SEINE. Featuring nineteen women, the first issue features artists and designers in a diverse range of spaces from studios to swimming pools, airports and baths.

“Women have always been an integral part of my work, either as a photographic subject or a sole inspiration. I wanted to produce something in print that combined my strengths in photography and art direction. Issue one explores interviews and portraits of nineteen women within their creative ‘space’ which vary from studios to baths, swimming pools and airports.”

For a sneak preview of SEINE, Millie has selected some of the most inspiring spaces chosen by the women she interviewed:


  1. Amanda Harlech chose her painting studio in her country home in Shropshire. I suppose what made this interview so interesting was the fact that she is not renowned for her paintings and this gave me a huge insight into another area of her life. Amanda is a relatively low key person within the industry, so I was honoured to have spent time with her.POLLY_BROWN
  2. Polly Brown took me to Heathrow Terminal 5 – probably the last place I expected anyone to seek creative inspiration. We sat down and watched airplanes take off into the sky for an hour, which is when I was reassured that such a busy and confined space could also contain such a strong sense of calm.
  3. I interviewed Sarah Kathryn Cleaver in her bathtub. We both stripped down and spoke about water as a creative space until our skin wrinkled and the water turned cold. Sarah was one of my favourite women to interview because of her endless sphere of knowledge and wisdom.

  4. I constantly struggle to find words that accurately describe Zoe Bedeaux’s home because I’ve never been anywhere like it. It is the most incredible home I have ever been to and she is one of the most incredible women I have had the pleasure of meeting.
  5. Hannah Martin is a jewellery designer who lives in the Barbican complex. As far as creative spaces go, the Barbican is rather aesthetically pleasing and it was really interesting to feature a totally different kind of creative space.

Show Two is open to the public until 26 Sunday, visit the events page to find out more about the show and the projects on display.