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Take Five: BA Culture, Criticism and Curation

BA CCC_crit lounge
BA CCC_crit lounge

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19 June 2016

With Show Two opening next week, we’ve been talking to exhibiting students to find out about the inspirations and ideas behind their final projects

Throughout this year’s Show Two our final year BA Culture, Criticism and Curation students will be offering a new and unconventional approach to the sometimes hectic environment of the show. Through specialised, student-led tours, visitors will be invited to enjoy an alternative view of the projects and themes on display as well as an insider’s take on the College itself. ‘Crit Lounge’, a curated decompression lounge designed by the students, will also be open to the public, offering a space for guests to relax, unwind and discuss the work on display.

To learn more about the project, we spoke to the BA CCC events team who have been working hard to tailor the series of specialised tours which will take place at 1pm and 3pm from 22 – 26 June.


Developed by Louella Mae Ogle Ward, the View Finder tour will take you to spaces within the Granary Building that provide views of London. Finishing on the College’s roof top terrace, participants will be invited to partake in landscape drawing activities and share their own experiences and memories of the area.

Influenced greatly by the work of Air Studio, particularly the King’s Cross Walking Club, and the King’s Cross Voices Project, Louella has sought to explore and understand people’s experience of the College’s location. Through collecting stories and memories of the area, Louella intends on building an audio library of the present life and times in King’s Cross. If you are interested in taking part in the project, you can contact Louella at


The Sexuality tour, designed by Aravin Sandran, will explore youth and sexual identity within the work and exhibits throughout Show Two. The tour will conclude with “20 questions about love and sex”, a candid conversation about contemporary sexuality during which participants will be offered free coffee and condoms.


Borrowing its name from Italo Calvino’s novel and devised by Yuying Yang, the Invisible Cities tour will explore the inconspicuous spaces in Central Saint Martins, uncovering lost stories of everyday life in the college. Designed with hints and riddles, the tour will follow a treasure hunt like format, varying each time to offer a different take and experience of the space.


Taking its inspiration from the College’s female dominant gender balance and the contradictory inequalities reflected throughout the heavily male art world, the Feminism tour, created by Allyne Costa, will take its participants on a route through the show to demonstrate how this environment has manifested itself in our exhibiting students’ final projects.


Earthlings, a tour curated by Robynne Collins, will focus on the work by students studying MA Material Futures. Exploring the relevance of the material concepts on display, the tour will ask visitors to think of ways in which material structures could contribute to improving the earth’s future, inspiring viewers to confront current global predicaments concerning themes such as nature, sustainability and education.

Show Two will be open to the public from 22 – 26 June, to keep up to date with BA Culture, Criticism and Curation’s project, follow them on Instagram via @csm_critlounge.