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Student Designs Temporary Tattoos

Freedom at Topshop
Freedom at Topshop

Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
08 October 2015

Update, 22 October 2015:

We regret the decision by Topshop to remove this collection from their shops.

Caroline Broadhead, Course Leader for BA Jewellery, “The brief for the 2nd year BA Jewellery Design students was ‘Women – Strength and Power’. Lucie chose to address the striving for physical perfection by young women by highlighting so-called ’flaws’ such as freckles, spots, blemishes and scars and recreating them as acceptance and celebration of ‘imperfection’.  Her project reflects the issues young people have with body image endlessly projected by social media and press today. Her response was thoughtful and provocative and had a positive message.”

Today sees the launch of the second Freedom jewellery collection, created as part of a collaboration with Central Saint Martins. Second-year BA Jewellery Design students were briefed to created a collection inspired by ‘women and power’.

The winning design by Lucie Davis was chosen by Topshop’s Buying Director Vivien Thomason and a panel of industry influencers. It celebrates individuality and highlights imperfections with a set of four temporary tattoos for the face or body.

In a direct challenge to the notion of ‘perfect’ skin, Lucie’s designs aim to leave a lasting impression with a series of freckles, moles, spots and scars which shimmer and shine.

Speaking about the collaboration, Vivien Thomason says: “We have been blown away by the level of talent and creativity once again amongst the Jewellery Design students at Central Saint Martins.

“Lucie’s work is innovative, exciting and an absolute pleasure to watch grow into a full four-piece collection celebrating imperfections and adversity. Working with the students for a second time allows us to give even more aspiring jewellery designers a platform to flourish.”

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