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Show Two: Simba Ncube


Written by
Central Saint Martins
Published date
17 July 2019

Throughout Show Two: Design, we’re celebrating the work of our graduating students and asking them to share the process behind the practice.

Simba Ncube is a graduate of BA Graphic Design. His final project is inspired by psychologist R. L. Gregory's assertion that "information from the eye is coded into the language of the brain and reconstituted into our surrounding experience ". In response to this statement, Simba built a system that  interprets the depth and form of 2D images usually perceived by the human eye and brain, by rendering and projecting holograms of composite images. Watch the video above to find out more.

Simba's work was exhibited as part of Show Two: Design, 19–23 June 2019. Find out more about his work on his website.


Pastel coloured 3D geometric shapes
Mabel (Xiaotong) Chen, A Map of (Us)