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Show Two: MullenLowe NOVA Awards nominees announced

Soft silver spines on a bright pink background
Soft silver spines on a bright pink background

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13 June 2019

Throughout the College our students are preparing their final projects for Show Two: Design. Ahead of the show opening next week, we're delighted to announce the nominees for this year's MullenLowe NOVA Awards from across Show Two.

Presented by global communications network MullenLowe Group, the annual MullenLowe NOVA Awards celebrate exceptional work by graduating students from across our degree shows.

Featuring the work of graduating students from across five programmes, the nominated works span the fields of jewellery, textiles, graphic design, performance design, product design and architecture. Chosen for their innovative and creative approaches, the nominated works cover a diverse range of topics and approaches from Alice Genberg's coffee leather to Wen Ju Tseng's jewellery collection confronting social expectations.

A round of applause for this year’s Show Two: Design MullenLowe NOVA Awards nominees:

Minh Le – BA Architecture
Charles Plet – BA Architecture
Leanne Vieira Commins – BA Ceramic Design
Jo Pearl – BA Ceramic Design
Cecily Cracroft-Eley – BA Fashion Knitwear
Fredrik Tjaerandsen – BA Fashion Womenswear
Joseph Fraquelli – BA Graphic Communication Design
George Edmonds – BA Graphic Communication Design
Wen Ju Tseng – BA Jewellery Design
Xuan Ma – BA Jewellery Design
Maggie Campbell – BA Performance: Design and Practice
Ashleigh Williams – BA Performance: Design and Practice
Alice Lo Genberg – BA Product Design
Jeremy Kelleher – BA Product Design
Woo Jin Joo – BA Textile Design (Weave)
Louise Mok – BA Textile Design (Print)
Nicky Francis – MA Character Animation
Haemin Ko – MA Character Animation
Xiaoying Liang – MA Graphic Communication Design
Penny Hartley – MA Graphic Communication Design
Desmond Lim – MA Design (Furniture)
Angela Thirkell – MA Design (Ceramics)
Sixtine Neufville – MA Industrial Design
Lukáš Němec – MA Industrial Design
Mael Henaff – MA Material Futures
Elissa Brunato – MA Material Futures
Layan Al-Saud – MA Narrative Environments
Diane Dwyer – MA Narrative Environments
Moetaz Fathalla – M ARCH: Architecture
Joshua Mallins – M ARCH: Architecture

The works will be exhibited during Show Two: Design (19–23 June) but in the meantime take a look through the gallery below for a glimpse of the projects.

Nominated works

2019 marks the 9th year of the MullenLowe NOVA Awards and this year includes the inaugural Creative Review Award for Innovation chosen by Creative Review. Follow the shows and the awards on social media using #MLGNOVA and #CSMtakingshape.

“Every year the MullenLowe NOVA judges manoeuvre their way through an incredibly diverse landscape of creative outputs, and every year they come up trumps, because in the end, really great work shines through, whatever discipline it comes from. In the past few years, this output has become ever more urgent in the face of a febrile external world, and I expect still more provocation from the NOVA Awards this year.”

Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins