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Maison/0: the next five years

Composite image with yellow and green sections with image of woven garment worn by model and detail of wooden-looking object
Composite image with yellow and green sections with image of woven garment worn by model and detail of wooden-looking object
Left, Benjamin Benmoyal, BA Fashion: Fashion Design with Marketing, and right, Kit Ondaatje Rolls, MA Biodesign
Written by
Teleri Lloyd-Jones
Published date
21 April 2021
On Earth Day, Central Saint Martins and LVMH begin the new phase of their partnership embedding regenerative design.

Maison/0 is committed to harnessing the power of creativity and education to help regenerate our climate and biodiversity and to empower emerging talents to design a better future. The partnership began in 2017 and has grown to encompass scholarships, awards, collaborative projects, symposia and curriculum innovation.

Weaving together the impactful agency of two world-leading creative powerhouses is exactly the kind of partnership we need to face our ecological crisis. As much as science and technology provide audits, targets, and technical fixes, the creative industries can fundamentally reboot our cultural mindset for a nature-positive future.

— Carole Collet Director of Maison/0

From 2021-2026, Maison/0 will foster regenerative practices across disciplines through the following five pillars:

  • LVMH Scholarships supporting creative and environmentally-engaged artists, designers and makers.
  • Research and development prototyping regenerative luxury through design research.
  • Pioneering new creative curricula for a regenerative future.
  • The Challenge Fund will embed creative collaboration with LVMH through student and graduate-led engagement.
  • Awards combining the Maison/0 Green Trail with the new Maison/0 This Earth Award celebrating the power of artistic practice to advocate for nature.
Composite image with green and brown blocks and two images of work (one brown tile and one red material with glass vials)
Left, Brigitte Kock, MA Material Future, and Irene Roca Moracia, MA Design: (Furniture) and right, Tahiya Hossain, MA Biodesign

"LVMH has built its leading position on passion for creativity, which is a value we share with Central Saint Martins. This is why our partnership aims at bridging the gap between the professional and academic worlds, by inspiring, nurturing, and empowering emerging talents in their quest to transform our industry through creativity. This thirst for transmission is at the core of our HR philosophy, and at the heart of our success as a Group. The new phase of our partnership enhances our continuous commitment to support students, especially in the current situation, and to pass down our knowledge and savoir-faire to new generations."
Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH EVP Human Resources and Synergies

"At LVMH, all of our products come from the environment. This is why it is crucial for a group like ours to lay the grounds for a new form of regenerative luxury, a new alliance between creativity and nature. This is the objective of our environmental strategy. Our Maisons – just like the Central Saint Martins students – do not see respect for the environment as a constraint but, on the contrary, as a lever for creativity. Through this new phase of our partnership, we hope to keep inspiring and challenging each other to rethink, invent and create a new type of luxury for a better tomorrow."
Antoine Arnault, LVMH Image and Environment

"I am thrilled at the prospect of continuing the partnership between LVMH and Central Saint Martins. As internationally leading players in the luxury industry and design education, we provide a strong platform to explore new approaches to sustainability and the climate emergency. In particular the partnership will allow the next generation of graduates – who are going to be those most affected by the emergency – the space to respond to it in collaboration with industry."
Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins


  • Vials and a coloured piece of material next to a white brick
    Tahiya Hossain, MA Biodesign

    The Central Saint Martins – LVMH creative platform for regenerative luxury.

  • A composite banner including a sculptural cage and a person wearing long flowing blue clothing
    Credit: Irene Roca Moracia, MA Design (left), Jiyong Kim, BA Fashion Menswear (right)
    From sustainable to regenerative

    As Maison/0 begins its new phase, we talk to the partnership’s Director Carole Collet about the highlights so far and future focus.