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Fine Art and Gustav Metzger Collaborate to Remember Nature

Visual Merchandising for Fashion
Visual Merchandising for Fashion
Belinda Lawley, Visual Merchandising for Fashion
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05 November 2015

Fine Art students collaborated yesterday with artist Gustav Metzger on his latest project ‘Remember Nature’, a worldwide call for action to address climate change.

Taking place in The Street at Central Saint Martins, the project was launched in the morning by Gustav, initiating a performance by Fine Art students involving 4,000 newspapers kindly donated by the Guardian. The performance, live-streamed throughout the day, saw students continuously mounting articles on nature and the environment onto their surrounding environment, resulting in an epic installation.

The performance, also featured on the Serpentine Gallery’s website, was a great success, drawing in members of the public, both online and in person, as well as acclaimed artists such as Sir Norman Rosenthal and Hans-Ulrich Obrist.

The project continues today with an exhibition in The Street showcasing further work by Fine Art students in response to the Remember Nature project. Curated by Art Programme Director Alex Schady and supported by the Serpentine Gallery, the exhibition is open to the public until 5pm.

See more in the image gallery below.