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CSM students win ‘Rorypora’ National History Museum competition

The winning design by Dani Greenwald
Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
07 January 2014
The winning design by Dani Greenwald

The winning design by Dani Greenwald

In July 2013, a selection of students from London Art & Design colleges were invited to participate in a Sci-Art workshop led by scientific illustrator Abi Lingford and Museum scientists Consuelo Sendino and Paul Taylor. They were challenged to produce a textile design based on their concept of bryozoans – small animals that construct colonies in the sea, feeding on plankton.
Biochemical research has identified them as potential sources for pharmaceutical products, including the anti-cancer drug bryostatin.

All three prizes went to BA Textile Design students from Central Saint Martins:
1st prize: Dani Greenwald
2nd prize: Jiajun Zhang
3 rd prize:  Chloe Glews

The Rorypora project was showcased in the National History Museum in December 2013.