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CSM and Birkbeck are taking care of business with new MBA

Central Saint Martins
Central Saint Martins

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14 November 2016

New courses don’t come along often, so we’re excited to announce our partnership with Birkbeck to deliver our new and innovative MBA. 

Central Saint Martins

Our intention with this collaborative 18-month part-time MBA is to bring together the approaches of a world-leading art and design school with a university renowned for business education. Fulfilling the need for a radical new perspective within the MBA landscape, we’re combining creative thinking with a rigorous business and economics base.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins, said:

In an ever changing and ever more complex world, business leaders and entrepreneurs are going to need new ways of thinking and doing… We have designed the course to combine core business skills with the creativity and experimentation of an arts and design school.

This is the first collaboration of its kind in the UK, and directly addresses the demand from industry for alternative models of business education. In establishing the new course, our starting point is the recognition that organisations need fresh ways of tackling future challenges. This is especially true of a world now characterised by uncertainty, technological revolution and globalisation. Our MBA is intended for those who may be keen to bring about fundamental innovation and systemic change, rather than incremental refinement.

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